1. Never borrow money to trade or trade with money you can't afford to lose.

    2. Always research your own coin.

    3. Be patient when trading and don't jump from one trade to another.

    4. Try to avoid low Satoshi coin except for those that have a high percentage but undervalued.

    5. Watch a newly listed coin for price stability before you start trading it.

    6. Know when and how to exit your trades , don't be too greedy but be satisfied with your profit.

    7. Trading everyday is not compulsory. You only need to trade when the set up is right and the condition are fulfilled.

    8. Always check for news and stay updated but don't jump at it.

    9. Don't FOMO to trade a coin that has already gone 50% above.

    10. Focus on self development, avoid paid groups and signal calls. They do more harm than good.

    I believe this tips will help someone to take the right steps and change their approach towards trading. Feel free to add any point that could be of help. Thank you.

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