Trading Platforms: Are They Safe?

  • Trading Platforms: Are They Safe?
    A number of trading platforms have technical failures, insufficient security protection, easy hacking, or weak systems that fail to meet their obligations to users. These failures make them an easy prey for hackers, especially for denial of service (DDoS) attacks. This type of hacking aims to temporarily drop the site, by overloading the site's servers with many orders in a limited time.
    More secure is to save all your assets from encrypted currencies in local or hardware, not to leave them on a trading platform that controls them. In the event of any piracy on this platform, your assets can not be harmed if you have a personal system.
    "A final order on the level of platform security, users should be sure that there is: binary authentication, and ensure that domain domain is stored in their bookmark, to avoid any impersonation attempts."

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