Bitcoin Future Prediction Because of Hacking/Scamming

  • Here we all are Bitcoin lover and we all are earning Bitcoins by trading or other ways. I am also a Bitcoin holder and I have sweet dreams about it. And I think Guys you all are also very much optimistic about your BTC portfolio. But Have you ever thought If a lot of Bitcoins get hacked by Hackers? If Hackers steal most of the Bitcoins? Then what we can predict about the future of Bitcoin?

    Like all others, I am also hoping best for Bitcoin in the future.We all are excited about the next highest price of it.But if we look before almost a lot of Bitcoins and other Crypto coins were hacked or scammed. But we have not seen any effective activities for those hacking.So I am a little bit confused about the future of Bitcoin.Actually no one can predict about it surely.

    Let's take a look about the crypto exchange hacking where user lost a huge amount of Crypto

    So if a huge amount of Bitcoin get hacked or scammed then we obviously can see crypto market in a danger. We must do something effective against those crypto threats. Then we can assure about the delightful future for Bitcoin.

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