Keyless encryption and passwordless authentication

  • Maybe the answer is in a different cryptography. In keyless cryptography, in a system from which it is not possible to steal keys or passwords. I know that such developments are now in progress. Yes, they are probably very closely related to passwordless authentication. With one that never uses biometric data. The question remains what such authentication uses. And there is an answer - a variable numeric identifier. The beauty of this idea is that if you have a password or a key, your identifiers are numeric but seemingly permanent. The new technology proposes to make variable identifiers. So much variable that it is impossible for an outside observer to catch or predict the next identifier. And its changes are so rapid that stealing the current one is also useless. Here is the real way to a new cryptography and to a new level of security for the user. Probably, the keyless and passwordless system, is an only possible answer for the ordinary user today, in the world of quantum computers and quantum calculations.

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