Can Blockchain Technology stop Election Malpractice?

  • I see blockchain to be a transparent ledger that makes it possible for activities going on in a particular industry to be transparent.

    One of the applications of this software technology is cryptocurrency.

    Other applications according to an article I read on Quora are: healthcare application, real estate application, legal industry application, security application , government application, rentals and ride sharing application, charity organization application and education application. Here is the link below:

    This made bitcoin to have a decentralized system, transparent and built on the basis of trust in such a way that the users are anonymous.

    My consideration is this:
    I believe the blockchain technology can be applied in election processes, so that we can solve the problem with many elections malpractices such as hacking of election documents in developed countries and rigging of election results in developing countries.

    But the bottleneck is this. How can we know exactly those that vote being that the addresses make people to be anonymous?

    How can we solve this anonymous issue when applying this technology to election processes?

    Kindly drop you opinion on this issue.

  • I feel the greatest use case of Blockchain Technology will be the implementation of the Technology in Electoral Practises especially in Africa; where there a lot of irregularities in vmoting

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