Do you still have confidence in altcoin?

  • At present, the market condition of altcoin is not very good, the exchange rate of BTC is getting lower and lower, and many altcoins have been unmaintained. Even if the development team still insists, the price is very miserable! The blow to the entire team is not small, I am afraid it is difficult to persevere. Now there are a few questions that I want to discuss with you:

    1. In your life, when would you use cryptocurrencies to shop? We know that people like to use cryptocurrencies in the dark web.Is general life shopping necessary?
    2. If you use cryptocurrency for payment, what currency will you prefer to choose and why?
    3. At present, the altcoin market is very bleak. Do you think this is a buying opportunity?
    4. What do you think is the easiest to implement in Altcoin's future application scenarios and will attract more users!

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