When Bitcoin Must Be Inherited

  • Over the past decade, the number of Bitcoin investors and other types of crypto assets has grown tremendously. Based on data by Coinmetrics, there are currently around 12 million Bitcoin millionaires in the world. However, there are those who die every year, without heirs who can access Bitcoin. The amount reaches 4 million Bitcoin (around US $ 40 billion), according to Coincover.
    Meanwhile, based on the results of a survey by the Cremation Institute, of 1,150 respondents, 89 percent of them are very worried about losing their crypt assets. However, only 23 percent have a specific plan to pass it on to the closest person, for example to their husband, wife or children.
    I think this is a very good idea, and I hope that someday there will be a crypto exchange and a crypto wallet that provides inherited features, so users will be safe and comfortable.

  • @Christlove very good article

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