60M$ Worth Bitcoins Moved to ETH

  • https://www.coindesk.com/nearly-60m-in-bitcoin-moved-to-ethereum-in-june

    As the topic suggests:
    Nearly 60M $ worth of Bitcoins were moved from BTC to ETH and that's alone for the month of June .

    Research suggests that :
    ETH is the most popular off-chain destination for Bitcoins

    I do think some of you might be worrying that this would decrease the price of Bitcoins and such but the author explains very clearly how it's making a synergistic effect on both the cryptocurrencies.
    Therefore what we can infer from this new is :

    •Both BTC and ETH are supporting each other , BTC being the first choice of the investors and ETH having a more varied applications.

    •Competition is not always a bad thing , the cryptocurrencies might as well coexist without having topics like : What's better BTC or ETH?

    What do you guys think about it ? Worth noting or just unnecessary?

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