Is Blockchain a Good Career?

  • With no doubt, blockchain is one of the best careers one can pursue at the time. It is highly in demand and you get to be a part of something big. Not to mention, you will get high salaries in these top blockchain careers. It is due to the fact that the need for such positions are high and the people with relative knowledge are less. Among all the jobs required in the field, only half of them are being met. This means that there’s a shortage of blockchain professional with sufficient technical knowledge.

    If we talk about top blockchain jobs salary, it depends on various factors like where you are working, what’s your skill sets and how much you are experienced. As a blockchain developer, you can get from as low as $50,000 to as high as $120,000 per year. Mostly, if you work in startups, you won’t get sky-high salaries and their packages typically start from 50,000 USD for freshers. If you have experienced above 5 years, you can earn around $70,000 annually.

    Next comes the high techs firms that offer the highest salaries in the field. Initially, you can earn around $70,000 which increases with experience and after five years you can get as high as $120,000. The reason for such a big gap between the salaries of startups and established tech firms is due to the fact that blockchain developers are more interested in starting their own firms rather than working for others.

    At last but not least, comes jobs at government institutions. You might not get the best salaries here but as you know govt. Jobs have their own benefits. The salary packages offered at govt. Institutions are even less than startup firms.

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