How do I securely store a Bitcoin private key on an NFC tag?

  • I've never used NFC tags for writing sensitive information on them, since they're easily readable by anyone using an NFC reader. It's this "openness" which makes NFC tags a terrible solution for storing Bitcoin private keys. I know that it's possible to encrypt the private key and store it that way on the NFC tag. But then, I'd have to decrypt it after reading it which is not very convenient if you ask me.

    I'd like to know of a way to store a Bitcoin private on an NFC tag that can be easily read/interpreted by any wallet on a computer or mobile device (able to read encrypted private keys prompting for the passphrase upon scanning the tag). I'm not sure how long NFC tags last, but I've bought a couple of ones a long time ago and they're still working these days. A keypair of public and private keys on an NFC tag for safekeeping would prove to be extremely convenient for mobile users. If somehow there was a way to "hide" the private key part, while making the public key visible on the NFC tag, it would make my life much easier.

    Any help, suggestions, or recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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