Social media - Part and parcel in lockdown

  • Different social media works differently.I have some favourite social media and i am using this in lockdown and why i wll tell you-

    Facebook-For communicate with my friends and family,i normally use facebook and most importantly facebook helps me a lot in my study.They have many different education page and many renowned person come to the live and accoreing to my subject i can join them very easily qnd in lock down people is using for educational puoposes.

    Telegram and twitter-I normally use telegram for diffrent crypto news and vice versa.Twitter is the same for me.I use twitter for crypto news and rules etc.

    Youtube-This media is the part and parcel in my life.I spend most of my time in youtube.From yiutube i can watxh any kind of video.Normally i use youtube for watching dramas,funny video etc.And sometimes i watch video from youtube for my study.It has all the details of any subject.And sometimes i watch crypto news and AMA (recorded) or live session.

    Normally i use this social media a little in lockdown i am using this medias very much.

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