John Cantrell revealed how he successfully hacked bitcoin wallet

  • This reveals to us the reason we should perfectly save and protect our seed phrase, it has been revealed again if parts of the words that form the phrase are known, the remaining words can be known to hackers. John Cantrell, a bitcoin and lightning network project developer revealed how he successfully hacked bit coin wallet, he said the reason he was able to successfully hack the wallet was because eight out of 12 word phrase was publicly exposed, he said knowing only five out of the 12 words can result to a successful hack also. You can read the whole gist through below link.

    Let us be careful of our seed phrase, if part of it is known, the whole words are no longer safe, if the whole 12 words are know, the wallet will be hacked. That is why I even prefer longer phrase, I like 24 words because I think it is safer but the fact is that be it 12 or 24 words, it must be well protected. If none of the word is reveal, it will take hackers 2^128 guess before they can know the complete 12 phrase which is not possible.

    John Cantrell concluded that the only way Bitcoin is not secure is when seed words are revealed. “Your bitcoin is safe. 2^128 is a REALLY big number. Just don't let anyone near your seed words".

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