Movie about SATOSHI Nakamoto

  • Apparently according to the news there is a new Movie which is going to be released in regards to Mr. SATOSHI Nakamoto. Apparently he is being tortured by NSA , kidnapped to give useful information to the government so that they can successfully destroy the cryptocurrencies.

    Now this is straight from Google '
    Does the movie title signifies something??

    Is the National security agency capable of doing something like that ? - I do think that we can be sure of since we have seen time and again that these agencies abuses power to an extent that they are hurting the people they are supposed to protect.

    • Now does it mean the person who actually helped all of us in various Sectors was seriously tortured by a government agency ( seems true , I don't support hoe government works now a days ) ?

    We don't know how it ended , but we should give this movie our support even though it's true/not true , I do think this would be first movie on a big scale all about Bitcoins.

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