Bitcoin Name and Logo has registered with Spanish Patent and Trademark Office

  • Ignacio Rubio Menendez, a compliance expert and lawyer specializing in business law, completed the process of registering the "Name and Logo" of Bitcoin in Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

    Compliance with government documents is very clever way of securing business interest as customers 100% safe working security and feeling away from frauds or scams are protected.

    The catalyst is very helpful especially on the ecosystem and network of Bitcoin in general and perhaps to more emerging businesses (normally local exchanges).

    Alongside this catalyst is the idea behind the compliance and initiative of one person to do business in crypto industry without compromising the risk on the part of the users/customers.

    On the other hand, he said "I am not a fake Satoshi", which means he denied that he was Satoshi. "I have just registered the ownership and legitimate use of the logo and the word", he said. "If someone uses it incorrectly, I will defend it", he added...Which is correct knowing that there are many scam websites and fraudulent activities online; out there or even right now.

    Thus, Mr.Menendez objective is to protect not only his business but in such case, someone misused the Name and Logo of bitcoin; he can sue and have claims on it. Very clever one...

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