WordPress New Crypto Trading Plugin

  • A couple of months ago, a new WordPress (WP) plugin launched that allows anyone to host a digital currency trading platform. With the application, WP website owners can earn fees from various crypto asset trades. The developer of the plugin called “Wpcryptoexchange” tweeted on June 19, that there are now 300 active installs of his Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin.

    On April 22, 2020, news.Bitcoin.com reported on a new platform called the “Wpcryptoexchange” or the Crypto Exchange WordPress plugin. For now, the application allows people to trade various cryptocurrencies including ETH, DAI, BAT, and WBTC using someone’s WordPress site that has the plugin installed. Other cryptocurrencies may be added to the roster of Wpcryptoexchange supported coins in the future.

    The developer Alon Goren from the firm, Goren Holm, released the new WordPress (WP) so literally anyone can create a crypto exchange on any WP-based site. The platform leverages the Totle application programming interface (API) and the website wpcryptoexchange.com gives WP website owners simple to follow, step-by-step installation instructions.


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