Why you should consider using CRUDE.NGN and Bitshares

  • CRUDE.NGN is a decentralized custodial token or asset on the bitshares DEX that is meant to represent the true value of the Naira, currently most decentralized stable coins are USD, and except for stellar.ngn there are no other really decentralized Naira coins out there.
    Why should you use this token?

    • It's pegged 1:1 with the Naira
    • It's traded on a fully decentralized DEX
    • It can be used as a debt collateral
    • It is meant to mirror the forex price of the Naira
    • The Asset owner lives in Nigeria here and is a normal crypto user like you.
    • The asset is designed to be trustless, and once issued cannot be seized.
    • The asset can be traded immediately for other tokens and coins right there on the DEX.
      There are so many other advantages to holding this coin...

  • @noblenobert but is naira not a bad currency to peg an asset to? Performance over the years have been terrible

  • @medoplus2 that's unpatriotic to say that, the naira is our national currency, it deserves a place in the crypto world, plus if you think it has poor performance why not trade against it, you will still earn good money either way

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