Why I like to learn and use Bitcoin

  • I'm not that much fan of continuous learning especially to secure funds and to make sure that I am transacting efficiently, but literally, we people mostly are contented from what we have especially the way how we transact using traditional methods such as transacting with fiats, and bank transfers. I have met allot of people and some of them are already old (60 above), and for them, there's no room for improvements in terms of transactions as even bank transfer is hard for them to execute that they need someone to support them while doing so.

    Question arises if they are in a situation like this, how can we teach them with new methods of transaction such as bitcoin or to somehow take them out of their comfort zone when in fact, they aren't really comfortable with it in a sense that they need assistance of younger generations. Perhaps, there's nothing wrong to still try and make them accept in bitcoin if we know how we can properly explain it to them. Or to use the concept of "Abstraction" which I learned from Object-Oriented Programming.

    The easiest way is to make sure you're not going right away into technical terms such as Encryptions, Hash Rates, Blockchain, etc. And to take it slowly by using smart analogy to correlate it while explaining because believe me, old people behave unpredictably. Make it easy and start your conversation by offering a good meal, share some stories as you transition to tell him a new version of Gold (As I believe it can be a good example of physical bitcoin) which is virtual and anonymously created by someone up until now is not known.

    The story goes explaining that they need internet access in order to buy this virtual currency that they can use for e-commerce or transacting with other people and it is like sending messages but instead of strings of characters, they can only send numbers in which are called Bitcoins.

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