Is ETH better than BTC for payment?

  • Very often we see people sugget to use ETH or any alternative coin for cheap and faster tx. I am going to share some information which will proof that it is no better. I may be wrong too, I am not an expert here. Just sharing what I have got.

    BTC Avg. Block time- 10 minutes
    ETH Avg. Block time- ~14 seconds (now)

    So, ETH will get around 43 blocks = 1 BTC block

    BTC block size- 1 MB (Let's say we use Legacy only)
    ETH Block size- 20 to 30 kb (Let's say 25kb on average)

    How much byte can both proceed within 10 minutes?
    Both BTC and ETH will be able to proceed 1 MB tx data on average.

    Is not both same in term of handling tx? Sometimes BTC is even better with segwit.
    Just sharing some random thoughts, I am not expert technically. So, I may be wrong in many ways.

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