The Best Multicoin Crypto Wallets


    The best Crypto wallets for mobile and desktop

    Edge is a simple to use, beginner-friendly wallet that lets you easily store Bitcoin and 31 other cryptocurrencies. You can swap between coins, and buy/sell crypto from within the wallet. Edge aims to make storing several coins at once, simple and secure. It has Bitrefill Integrated, so you can shop without leaving the app!

    iOS & Android
    Encrypted private keys on your device.
    2FA to prevent your wallet from being compromised.
    Backup with just username and password.
    Login using multiple devices.
    Secure access with PIN or Touch ID.
    Multi-asset support and in-wallet buy/sell/exchange.
    Connectivity to multiple public bitcoin nodes ensures wallets function even if Edge servers are down.
    Open Source


    Exodus wallet is a multicoin wallet that is popular with many traders for its simple and easy to use design, combined with its support for a wide variety of cryptocurrency tokens. Users can swap cryptocurrencies directly within the wallet. It also supports Trezor hardware wallets.

    iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux
    Encrypted private keys on your device.
    Price tracker built in.
    Buy crypto from directly within the wallet’s built in exchange.
    Sync with your Exodus Desktop app.
    Supports over 100 coins.
    User-friendly and secure.


    Guarda is a multicoin wallet designed to make managing many different coins and tokens, simple and easy. Guarda supports many major cryptocurrencies and thousands of tokens. It also allows users to trade coins from within the wallet and purchase with debit/credit card.

    iOS, Android, MacOS, Chrome Extension.
    Encrypted private keys on your device.
    Buy crypto from directly within the wallet’s built in exchange.
    Supports over 45 cryptocurrencies and tokens.
    Supports thousands of tokens, ERC-20 (ETH and ETC), ERC-721, BEP-2, TRC10, TRC20, WAVES, OMNI, EOS and all popular stable coins.
    With Shielded Guarda you can send private transactions, exchange and store your ZEC directly on your Android device


    Atomic is another popular multicoin wallet among traders. It was founded by Changelly founder Konstantin Gladych, Bitinstant founder Charlie Shrem, and Bank to the Future’s Simon Dixon. Atomic supports 500+ cryptocurrencies and tokens, has an in wallet exchange for swapping coins and allows users to purchase with debit/credit cards, as well.

    iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux.
    Encrypted private keys on your device.
    Buy crypto from directly within the wallet’s built in exchange.
    Supports over 500 coins.
    Stake Tezos, Atom and other PoS coins from within wallet.


    Coinomi was the first cryptocurrency wallet that allowed users to store cryptos from different blockchains in the same wallet. It’s been around since 2014 and is extremely popular with altcoin traders who have a wide portfolio of crypto-assets. Coinomi allows users to securely store over 1700 different coins. Available for mobile and desktop.

    iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux
    Encrypted private keys on your device.
    Custom fees for fast and cheap transactions.
    Cold stake supported assets, earn rewards even when offline
    Buy crypto directly from within wallet with Shapeshift integration.
    DApp browser & Web3 support
    Native Segwit

    Jaxx Liberty

    Jaxx Liberty is another very popular multicoin wallet, by Decentral, the company of Ethereum co-founder Anthony Di Iorio. Jaxx is popular with traders because it supports a wide variety of ERC-20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. Jaxx Liberty is available for mobile and desktop.

    iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux and Chrome extension
    DApp browser & Web3 support
    Encrypted private keys on your device.
    Buy crypto directly from within wallet with Shapeshift and Changelly integrations.
    Price tracker built in.
    Crypto News feed built in.
    Supports over 90 coins.

    BRD Wallet

    BRD wallet, also known as Bread Wallet, is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency wallets. Originally one of the first Bitcoin mobile wallets, BRD has since added support for many popular altcoins, allows for in-app cryptocurrency purchasing and trading, as well as real-world purchasing from Crypto ATMs and in-store purchases. BRD is available for iOS and Android, is designed to be both secure and user-friendly, making it an excellent choice for beginners, but with plenty of features for advanced users. Traders love BRD because of the wide range of altcoins and ERC-20 token support, with the ability to seemlessly exchange crypto-assets.

    Available for iOS, Android.
    Encrypted private keys on your device.
    Fully transparent & Open Source code.
    Buy crypto directly from within wallet, with Changelly, Wirex, Coinify, & Simplex integrations.
    Multi-Asset support for many popular Altcoins and hundreds of ERC-20 tokens.
    User-friendly, with many features for advanced users.

    The best offline hardware wallets for secure storage

    Trezor was one of the first hardware wallets available for Bitcoin. They have continued to innovate and release updates and newer models over the years. Trezor comes in two variants, the Model T, and the Trezor One. They are most secure when used with the optional passphrase option. Trezor has multi-asset support with Bitcoin and over a 1000 popular altcoins. They also have integrations with various crypto services, like exchanges and wallets. You can shop on Bitrefill from your Trezor Wallet interface!

    Trezors are user-friendly and easy to use.
    Multi-asset support for BTC and over 1000 altcoins.
    Shamir’s secret sharing private key backup.
    Encrypted password cloud and micro SD storage.
    Bitcoin-only firmware.
    SSH and GPG encryption.
    Bitrefill Integration


    KeepKey is a beginner-friendly hardware wallet which aims to reduce the complexity of cold-storage. KeepKey has multi-asset support and is compatible with more than 40 popular altcoins. KeepKey also has an integration with Shapeshift crypto exchange which allows you to buy/sell cryptocurrencies from within the wallet itself.

    Has one of the best displays for a hardware wallet.
    Easy backup and restoration of wallet.
    PIN protection against unauthorized use.
    Additional passphrase protection.
    Customizable transaction speeds.
    Limitless wallet addresses on one device.


    Bitbox is a Bitcoin hardware wallet that was also one the first hardware wallets available. Manufactured by Shift Cryptosecurity, the Bitbox comes in two models the 01 and 02. It is also available in multi-asset or Bitcoin-only variants. Bitbox utilizes a secure element like Ledger and allows for easy backups and restoration with a micro SD.

    On-device password entry.
    Integrates a Secure Element, a chip designed for data security.
    Externally audited firmware.
    Encrypted seed stored on the MCU, protected by both the secure chip and user-chosen device password.
    Monotonic counter in secure chip to avoid brute force attacks by limiting total attempts.
    Support for top-tier altcoins.
    Password stretching in secure chip to avoid brute force attacks by making attacks take a very long time.
    Bootloader accepts only firmware signed by Shift Cryptosecurity.


    Ledger is another reliable and very popular hardware wallet option. Ledger has multi-asset support, compatible with over 1250 altcoins. Ledger has several variations, the most popular being the Ledger Nano S, followed by the Ledger Nano X and Ledger Live. Ledgers have many integrations with wallets and trading platforms, and even have a BTCPay integration.

    Certified for its security by ANSSI, the French cyber security agency.
    Integrates a Secure Element, a chip designed for data security.
    Custom Operating System for more protection.
    Supports Bitcoin and over 1250 altcoins.
    Integrations with over 50 cryptocurrency wallets.
    Performs genuine check to ensure your device hasn’t been compromised.

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