7 Things have to do to become a Good Crypto Trader

  • Hello Everyone !!

    So, Here are the Few Tips or Say Rules that Which i would like to share with you !

    I know many of you might be knowing it already for sure , but I don't know how much of you guys are following it !!😄

    1 ) Never Go With Full Amount in Single trade ! We can never be full Sure, Whatever the TA/FA is, it doesn't matter !!! Never invest More than 10-15% of your total Portfolio in Single trade ‼

    2 ) Accept Losses ! Yeah it's a part of Game Man ! Many of us don't accept small losses & then it becomes so fucking Huge that they can't even think sensibly further & then just Starts Gambling !!✅

    3 ) Never Go for Revenge Trading : I have seen many times that when Even a Small loss happens, many of us will just go with double Amount in next trade just because we can't accept loss & wanted to recover that with injecting double Amount ! It's really Silly Boys !! How you can be sure that your that trade will go on perfect way 100% Huh

    4 ) Don't Try to get Rich Quick !! You will get REKT FOR SURE !! U can takeit in written from me !! So Just STOP GAMBLING, If your really Want to just Try your luck, better go For the Casino !! 🎲

    5 ) Apply Stoploss & Trail it whenever coin goes up ! I will advise you that whenever any of our call / your trade goes 4-6% Up bring your stop at Entry & Secure some Profit then keep raising Your Stoploss with Raise In Price of that Coin !✅

    6 ) STOP DIGGING IF YOU FOUND YOUR SELF IN A HOLE ! It means Don't just keep adding your funds On losing Position Just with a hope that It Will Turn Around & you will become a Fucking Rich !🚫

    7 ) Go with Flow !! Don't Trade against trend !! You Can't Just Go LONG because it DUMPED & can't go For SHORT Just because it PUMPED !!📈📉

    So Guys, This is all i wanted to tell you !! This aren't just lines, but this is what I have Experienced Myself In Years of trading !! I Hope At least few of you Will Follow this !! So At least my Time for Writing this All will Not Go in Vain !!😅

    Wish You All The Very Best !!

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